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Never disappoints

Brüst never disappoints in service, speediness and quality. Both the light and dark roast are smooth and flavourful. I love it for long bike rides, hikes and sports days!

Original Light Roast
Rachel Ursini
Love It

This is the only protein drink on the market that actually tastes good, has a great amount of protein and is Lactose free!! I find them a little pricey (though I think they're in line with comparable drinks on the market) but totally worth it to buy them in bulk and keep them in the fridge to enjoy on occasion. Truly so happy about this find!!

Original Light Roast
Jasmeen Saini
Light roast

Such a delicious and pleasant way to get a decent amount of protein!

Tastes good!

These guys keep me awake at work; tastes great, too.


My girlfriend and I love it, keeps me fuelled through out the morning and helps me keep up with intermittent fasting

Love this company and its products

Delicious, quick and easy way to get extra protein in your day. Highly recommend.

brüst trial pack

Original Light Roast
Sheila Hayward
Amazing product

We have been ordering Brust for a couple of years now and my whole family is addicted! I think it has improved my husband’s energy level as well!

The best Cold Brew protein coffee

I recommend to all my friends as this product is truly made with care, and each time I open another one they all taste very consistently delicious, refreshing and give me a boost of energy to get through the day, that lasts all day.

New Dark Roast
Abdullah Rana
Love it

Have been drinking it first thing in the morning with preworkout meal for a few months, excellent way to get your protein and caffeine in and tastes amazing!

Light roast

So so so so good. No chalky taste at all. Great macronutrients.

Powerful Punch

Enjoyed both - packs a powerful punch and helps get me through a long day with the bonus of protein

New Dark Roast
Tammy Vanderputten
Great Protein alternative

Love it... make an iced coffee with it all the time for work!

Not my favourite

This beverage is fine, I was however expecting more flavour. It tasted like a scoop of coffee flavoured protein powder mixed into water.
I can’t even give these away to people after they taste them as no one wants to have a second one.
Disappointed but at least I tried it!

Hi Kara,

We are so sorry you weren't a fan of brüst! As per our email thread, it seemed that you were looking for something more sweet. We will definitely consider adding a product like that to our line up in the future.

Thanks for giving us a shot.



Great product!! The dark roast is awesome. I am always looking to increase my protein intake and this is an easy and convenient way! Much prefer a nice iced coffee after my morning workout than a protein shake. Will be a repeat customer! Thank you Brust!

Great Product

Everything you want your coffee to be. Being high in protein is just a huge bonus. Great product!


I can drink a coffee and a protein shake in only one drink!! The flavor is perfect!

Wish it worked better for me!

Really wanted this to work for me since protein and coffee in the morning is a great starter for the day! However, my stomach didn’t really sit well with this drink. I do think it’s very delicious though, so if it works for you, lucky you!


As an iced coffee lover & also as someone who tries to hit their protein goals every day, the dark roast is fantastic. Tastes great & is super handy to leave at work for when I need a pick me up. I will try the other flavour on my next order!

brüst sample pack (light roast & dark roast)

Taste great

It's like having an iced coffe so really good.

New Dark Roast
Shanthos Thiru
Great product!!

Found it really helpful with my early morning workouts!!

Really great

Love both the flavours! Perfect protein and energy boost after an early morning workout

Tastes Good!

Taste good!
I have one as a pick me up before my workout. I like the light roast over the dark roast.

brüst trial pack